Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Old and the New...

Don't you just love finding hidden treasures? Perhaps when changing the laundry, you find a dollar and your think "HOT DOG! I just got paid for doing my own laundry!"  Maybe, it's an old photo found in your dresser drawer that you haven't seen in ages and transports you back to the good ole days.

For me, it's finding a piece a furniture, opening the drawers and figuring out it's history.  For example, this dresser was brought to Sandpaper for painting for a little boys room.  Their mom found it at a local thrift shop.

Looks a little worn and once loved but in great shape. As we were cleaning and pulling the drawers out,  (and there were many of them) we found this:

From what I can read, it says: "Do it yourself kit, Jan 1961..." Then it lists an address from Moskegon, Michigan. I also, found another inscription with an email address with 2013. (I didn't include it because I didn't want to publish it.) How super cool is that!  So here, 52 years later, it makes it's way to a new home.

In addition to painting the dresser in Napoleonic Blue, we painted their bunk bed set.  This came to us unassembled.  It was also fairly new. I would say not older than 5-8 years.

Not everything that you want to paint/change/personalize has to be old. If you want a new look, just paint it or even spray paint it!  There are so many colors, products and ideas on the internet that will help you get your desired project finished.

Their room turned out super cute.  Their mom even painted a cute little lamp table for them and it matches perfect.  And you don't have to spend a lot of money to refresh the walls.  They happen to find a can of Oops paint at the local hardware store and gave it a try.  Looks perfect and planned, right?  What boy wouldn't love to wake up here!

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